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Looking for an affordable health insurance plan that is tailored to fit your individual, family or business needs? Michigan Insurance Brokers offers a variety of comprehensive health plans through exceptional companies that offer the highest quality medical health insurance care available today.

If you're graduating, self-employed, considering early retirement, losing your employer-sponsored coverage or own your own business, MI Insurance Brokers will find you a health insurance plan that's right for you, your family or business.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance PPO: A Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO, is a type of managed care health insurance plan that utilizes a network of physicians and facilities contracted by the insurance carrier to provide services within negotiated price boundaries.
The most powerful aspect of a PPO health insurance plan is the member's ability to seek treatment from any provider. Countless reasons exist that could cause a person to choose services from a physician or facility not contracted with the health insurance carrier. There is comfort in the knowledge that the insured member has complete control over the people and places attending to their medical needs.

Another desirable feature of a PPO is the ability to visit specialists without the need for a referral from a member's primary care physician. One of the most common complaints from people covered under an HMO plan is the carrier's requirement that they visit their family doctor before seeking treatment from a specialist. Members insured under a PPO plan do not have these same issues.

Health Insurance HMO: Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are a form of Managed Care Organizations. Under its terms, the HMO agrees to provide health insurance coverage to consumers through hospitals, clinics, doctors and other providers with whom they have a contract. Under the terms of the HMO, only providers that have already agreed to work under the HMOs terms can provide health care. When a person joins a HMO, they are often required to select a Primary Care Physician (PCP), or have one assigned to them. The PCP is the consumer's "gatekeeper," or person who evaluates their needs and access to health care. Outside of emergency situations, all access to health care will require a referral from the PCP.

Health Insurance Short Term Health insurance plans provide you with coverage for a limited period of time, and may be an ideal solution for those between jobs, an alternative to COBRA, temporary worker, or those waiting for other health insurance to start. Typically, short-term plans offer coverage up to six months, although some plans may offer coverage up to 12 months. If you need coverage for longer than 12 months you should research a permanent health insurance plan. However you will need a short term health plan to cover you for the couple of months that it takes to underwrite a permanent plan.
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